canlı altın
altın ons fiyatı ALTIN ONS
1267.67 $
gram altın fiyatı GRAM ALTIN
145.58 tl
dolar kuru DOLAR/TL
euro kuru EURO/TL
euro dolar paritesi EURO/DOLAR
Fark: +0.94% (+11.79) Fark: 1.35 Fark: +0.11% Fark: +0.04% Fark: +0.04%
Yüksek:1268.12 | Düşük:1253.38 Yüksek:145.63 | Düşük:143.94 Yüksek:3.5804 | Düşük:3.5652 Yüksek:4.0175 | Düşük:3.9932 Yüksek:1.1235 | Düşük:1.1185

Live Price of Gold


Live Price of Gold // 24-hour Spot gold

Gold price live in all currencies. Live price of gold per gram, per ounce, per kilogram and per tola. provides "" that is online now in english. According to your country and your countries currency, live price of gold website will show current gold rate live. provides today's latest price of gold live by several quantities. Live gold price per gram and kilogram, gold rate per ounce and per tola are shown at

24-hour spot gold price for several countries like Usa, India, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Qatar, Saudi Arabi, United Arab Emirates and rest of the countries. is a "" service.